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Packaging Plays an Important Role in Purchasing

When considering the marketing of your product, you should never neglect packaging. Often, attractive packaging can be the final trigger that persuades consumers to make a purchase.

It’s important to remember that your packaging serves two purposes.

First, your packaging must be functional. Packaging must be made out of the right material for the product, have a product appropriate design, and make it simple for purchasers to access. There are few things more frustrating to a consumer than impossible to open packaging!

Second, your packaging should be persuasive. Packaging can also be the difference between a consumer choosing your product and a competitors, so the appearance of your packaging is of the utmost importance.  It must persuade consumers to purchase.

Creating Effective Packaging

Several factors can affect the effectiveness of your packaging. When making decision about packaging, consider how you want to target customers. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of consumers, ‘default shoppers’ and ‘considering consumers’.

Default Shoppers

First, you have to consider “default” shoppers. It is estimated that two-thirds of shoppers shop in “default” mode, meaning they already know which brand they’re going to choose before they reach the grocery store.

This is where “findability” comes into play.  If shoppers are unable to find the brand they’re looking for, there is an opportunity for them to discover your product. Understandably, the packaging is very important as it differentiates your product from the others on the shelves. It’s the first impression many consumers will have with your brand. If you have pervasive advertising that many shoppers have previously seen, your packing should be highly recognizable and easily associated with the story you tell in your advertising.

Considering Consumers

The other third of shoppers are referred to as “considering” consumers.  They are either making an infrequent purchase or have no strong brand preference, so are open to new options. Again, your packaging plays an important role in their decision.

When designing your packaging, you should carefully consider how functional the package is as well as how appropriate it is for the product you’re selling. You want to help facilitate the purchase of your product, and ensuring that it is easy to use is important.  Of course, branding is also a key part of your packaging.

Good packaging is good marketing

If you’re tempted to leave packaging until the last minute, remember the power it has over consumers buying choices! Put equal amounts of time and creative energy into creating your packaging that you did into creating your product.

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