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A guide to shrink wrapping machine prices.

When you’re looking for shrink wrapping machines for sale, the two most important factors are usually functionality and price. You need a machine that will do the job you need it for, and you want to get it for a good price.

Unless you’re already very familiar with the packaging machine industry, it can be difficult to know what how much you should be paying for a shrink wrapping machine.

We’ve collected some indicative price information to give you an idea of how much your new machine may cost. Here’s our guide to shrink wrap machine prices:

Shrink wrap machine prices:

There are many factors which can impact the cost of your machine, including whether the machine is new or used, the particular machine model, and whether or not it needs to be customised for your business. This information should give you a general idea of the price range.

Shrink wrapping machines for sale can have prices in the following ranges:

Semi-automatic shrink wrappers $2,700 $11,000
Fully automatic shrink wrappers$30,000  $70,000

Please note: These prices are an indication only and do not constitute a quote. For more detailed information or to get a quote, please contact ITT Jetpak.

Manual shrink wrapping with hand tools

If you need a low-cost shrink wrapping solution for your business, manual wrapping with hand tools can be a good option for businesses with a low production volume. These tools become less efficient if you need to shrink wrap a high volume of products.

Types of shrink wrapping machines

There are several options when it comes to choosing shrink wrap machines. The first step is usually to choose a machine which has all the features you need for your business, and this will likely include choosing between fully or semi-automatic shrink wrap machines.

Fully or semi-automatic?

The primary difference between the two options is that fully automatic machines are faster and better able to handle high-volume production. 

Fully automatic machines are typically more appropriate for large scale operations, or businesses planning for growth, while semi-automatic machines are better for small to medium operations.

New or used?

Another important consideration is whether you want a new or used shrink wrapping machine. Used machines have the advantage of being less expensive than new. When purchasing used equipment, you need to make sure that it is in good condition and choose reputable selling who offers after-sales support.

You may not always be able to find used shrink wrapping machines for sale which fit your needs, so buying a new machine can be more convenient. New machines also come with the added peace of mind of having a manufacturer’s warranty.

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