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Improve your production with a carton sealing machine

Using machinery as part of your production has the potential to dramatically increase efficiency and production capacity for your business.

Carton sealing machines have a wide range of industry applications. They can be used in sealing packaging that the end customer will see as well as boxes that are primarily for shipping purposes.

Find out how incorporating a carton sealing machine into your production can improve your business.

The benefits of carton sealing machinery

Using a carton sealing machine eliminates the labour intensive and often slow task of sealing cartons manually. The benefits of carton sealing machinery include:

  • Improved production efficiency.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks caused by handheld tape dispensers jamming and running out.
  • Tape rolls are typically 1,000 to 2,000 metres long.
  • Ensure a consistent and professional result for every carton.

The efficiency gained by using a carton sealing machine makes them an essential part of large scale productions as well as small and medium operators who want to position their businesses for growth.

How a carton sealing machine fits into your production line

There are many different kinds of carton sealing machinery, making it easy to find a machine that fits the needs of your production.

Carton sealing machine options include:

  • Tape or hot glue sealing.
  • Handling different sized cartons either automatically or with manual settings.
  • Foam boxes with lids can be taped on all four sides.

Carton sealing machines can also be used alongside many other types of machinery in your production line, including carton erectors and pallet wrappers.

Industry applications

Carton sealing machinery can be used in almost any industry that uses cardboard boxes for packaging or shipping goods. Common industries which use carton sealing machines include:

  • Food and beverage production
  • Perishables food goods
  • Textiles
  • Transport and logistics
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing

With the range of customisable options available for carton sealing machines, they can be used to suit the needs of businesses in any industry, regardless of the kinds of goods you produce.

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