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Common Questions About Packaging Using a Flow Wrap Machine

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At ITT, we offer a range of new and used packaging machines to suit a range of product specifications, production requirements and budgets.

Flow Wrapping Machines, or Horizontal Flow Wrappers, are a high speed solution to wrapping a range of products, from bakery products to household items. This list will answer common questions asked about Flow Wrapping machines and their potential applications.

What is a Flow Wrapping machine?

A Horizontal Flow Wrapper is a highly efficient packaging machine, ideal for packing large quantities of individual products. Common applications include bakery products, confectionery and household items.

The machine seals a product in a pillow or envelope of plastic film or foil, which can improve shelve life and protect the product from damage and contamination. Packing speeds are available up to 800 pieces per minute, depending on the industry, product and machine model.

How does a Flow Wrapping machine work?

  • A in-feed conveyor lines up individual products into a forming box.
  • The forming box creates a continuous tube of film around the product.
  • A rotary heat sealer and cutter separates the items and seals them into individual wrappers.
  • The sealed and packed products exit the machine to be boxed and ready for shipment.

Why use a Flow Wrapping machine?

Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines are designed with speed and efficiency in mind. They have a range of packing speeds, from 20 pieces per minute to 800 pieces per minute, depending on the model of machine, industry and type of product.

A Flow Wrapping machine is an ideal packaging solution for you if:

  • You need to package and brand a large quantity of identical products.
  • You need to package products at high speed.
  • You need an efficient way to improve shelf life of your products.
  • You need to protect the product from contamination and damage.
  • You are looking for a purpose-built packaging solution.

What kind of products suit a Flow Wrapping machine?

Horizontal Flow Wrappers are widely used in the food, bakery and confectionery industries. However they also have applications in the non-food sector, particularly for household products, paper products, stationary and tableware.

  • Food items (e.g. pizza bases, trays of biscuits, deep fried food trays).
  • Confectionery (e.g. muesli bars, lollies).
  • Bakery products (e.g. rolls, pies, buns, muffins).
  • Stationary (e.g. books, magazines, paper, pens, cards).
  • Household products (eg. wipes, sponges, paper napkins, disposable cutlery).

What kind of Flow Wrap machines are available?

Horizontal Flow Wrappers are often purpose-built to suit a particular product or industry. Machines are generally made-to-order and shipped from overseas according to your business’ packaging requirements.

ITT Jetpak machines can cater to numerous industries, products and budgets. From the baking industry, where speeds between of 20-60 pieces per minute are required, to mid-volume applications of up to 120 packs per minute, all the way up to speciality applications such as confectionery wrappers, where speeds up to 800 units per minute are common.

Whatever your requirements, ITT Jetpak will have a solution for your industry and budget.


What kind of material do Flow Wrap Machines use?

Horizontal Flow Wrapping machines generally operate with Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films (BOPP). These films offer high strength and clarity and are well suited to coating, printing and laminating applications.

The versatility of BOPP film makes it ideal for food, fresh produce, confectionery and household products. ITT Jetpack can supply quality BOPP packaging film to suit your packaging machine specifications and branding requirements.

Why should I choose ITT Jetpak?

ITT Jetpak are the experts in a range of commercial packaging solutions. From food, beverages to household products, we can advise you on the best and most efficient packaging solution for your budget.

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