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Our guide to choosing the best pallets for your business

Pallet wrapping machines are an excellent way to improve efficiency and productivity for your business. Once you have chosen to invest in a pallet wrapping machine, the next step should be to optimise your new machine using the best pallets available to your business.

It is quite likely that standard wooden pallets will meet all the needs of your business. However, there are other pallet options that are worth considering that provide different pros and cons that may be more important to your business.

The best pallets to use: wooden vs. plastic

This comparison will look at the two most common pallet choices, wooden and plastic. Neither option will be the best pallet to use in every situation, for every business.

The right investment decision can be made by weighing the pros and cons of each pallet type against the needs of your business.

Wooden pallets
  • Are less likely to slip/move on pallet wrapping machine turntables.Pallet movement can affect the stretch of the wrapping film. Pallets that don’t move will improve wrapping efficiency.




  • Are more likely to get chipped and damaged in everyday use.
  • There is the potential for chips and dust, from dirty wooden pallets, to clog machinery and cause downtime.
  • Sharp, damaged corners can cut wrapping film as it is being stretched.
Plastic pallets
  • Plastic pallets are lighter and reduce the cost of shipping and freight.
  • Plastic is durable and doesn’t generate chips or dust that can clog machinery.
  • Plastic pallets clear international customs faster.



  • Are more likely to slide/move on the pallet wrapping machine turntable.Pallet movement can affect the stretch of the wrapping film and reduce efficiency.
Pallet wrapping machines – best practices and maintenance
Whichever type of pallets you choose to use for your business, it is important to keep your pallet wrapping machine in good working order. The best way to do this is through regular preventative maintenance and servicing.

There are also steps you can take that to help prevent your pallet wrapping machine from getting damaged.

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