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Get the Right Wrap for Your Product

If you are looking to shrink wrap your product, then it’s not just a matter of getting the right machine. Different types of shrink wrap film will suit different products. Consider the purpose of the wrap, packaging costs and the type of product.

ITT Jetpak supply a range of shrink wrap film to suit almost any packaging need, from meat, fruit and vegetables to paper and plastic products.

Polyolefin – Cryovac Impact

The Impact range of Polyolefin shrink film is designed for toughness and versatility.  It is a multi layer, cross linked shrink film which is known for its high strength to thickness ratio.

This means that you can use a thinner film to wrap your products which in turn reduces your packaging costs.  Use this film to wrap products such as bakery goods and gift hampers, and also for wrapping heavier paper products. 

  • Exceptional clarity
  • High Impact, tensile and seal strength
  • High shrink force
  • High free shrink to help eliminate ‘dog ears’ and wrinkles
  • Improved line efficiency through fewer roll changes and reduced waste

Polyolefin – Cryovac D940

The D940 shrink film enables you to wrap soft goods without your product distorting or bending. This shrink film also conforms well to irregular shapes which makes it the ideal film to solve your hard to wrap items.

Use this film to wrap lighter weight paper products, biscuits, cheeses and other delicate food items.

  • Very low shrink force
  • High free shrink
  • Easy to use

Polyolefin – Cryovac MPD

The MPD range of shrink films are a multi layer, non cross linked film designed for use on high speed shrink wrapping equipment.  The high gloss and clarity of the shrink film makes it the ideal choice for retail products where impact and shelf presentation are paramount.

Use this film to wrap retail products such as dvds, cds and gift wrap.

  • Clearest, glossiest film available.
  • Quick sealing for high speed shrink wrap equipment
  • Ideal for use in bulk packs with the use of bundle shrink film.
  • Enhanced hot slip (MPD-2100)

Polyolefin – Cryovac RD-106

The RD-106 shrink film is ideal for wrapping products that require Anti-Fog properties.  The industries film of choice to wrap fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and other refrigerated food products.  RD-106 provides the key benefits of clarity, gloss and strength to maintain shelf appeal.

Use this film to wrap fresh foods such as pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, bananas and melons and frozen foods such as pastry and pizza.

  • Retains freshness and product appearance.
  • The perfect choice to wrap fruit and vegetables.
  • High gloss and clarity.

Polyolefin – Cryovac Opti

The Opti shrink film is a good value for money shrink wrap.  It is designed to provide customers with cost reductions while still providing good strength and presentation.

Ideal for wrapping products such as paper and printed products, textiles, industrial products and general shrink wrapping.

  • Good value for money
  • General use shrink film
  • Good shrink, strength and clarity

LDPE – Bundle Wrap

LDPE Bundle Shrink Film is a low cost general purpose film used to bundle products together.  LDPE shrink film can be used on a variety of products and is often a replacement to outer cartons as it is the most cost effective solution.

ITT Jetpak also produce a range of high performance bundle shrink films for applications that require a wrap with higher clarity and/or better performance.  These films are ideal for companies who wish to stand out from their competitors.

PVC – Sleeves and Film

PVC Shrink film is a general purpose film.  It is extremely user friendly and has good shrink and sealing properties.  However, this film has been largely superseded by Polyolefin shrink film as it has superior gloss and clarity properties.

However, PVC shrink film has found a home in the shrink sleeve market.  Shrink sleeves can be used either printed or plain and also in rolls or cut into sleeves to suit various applications.  The main applications being for bottle labelling and using bundling products together for bonus or multi packs.

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