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Pallet Machine Prices: Find The Best Machine For Your Needs and Save!

There is a lot of variation in pallet machine price. Based on the model, features and purpose, pallet machine cost can fluctuate from $8,500 to $60,000. Why the big difference? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect pallet machine prices. Remember, your particular pallet machine price will be determined by what your specific business needs might be.

Automatic Vs. Semi Automatic: Pallet Machine Price Per Day?

If you are wrapping less than 15 pallets per day, lower pallet machine prices are within your grasp. A semi automatic pallet wrapping machine may be most appropriate for you, and this pallet machine cost is relatively small.

On the contrary, if you are wrapping more than 15 pallets per day, you are more likely to pay a higher pallet machine price, but it would have the capability to comfortably manage wrapping more pallets per day.

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Do You Need Pre-Stretch Machine Capability?

Pre-stretch refers to the process of stretching the film before it is applied to a pallet load. The film is threaded past two rollers. The second roller rotation speed is faster than the first, giving a higher degree of stretch to the film, as high as 300% in some cases. As the film is being stretched so far, you need less film to cover your pallet loads, which means saving on material costs in the long run. This may be an important pallet machine cost factor if you are wrapping a high number of loads per day.

Benefits of Pre-Stretching Film to Cut Pallet Machine Prices:

  • Pre-stretching the film increases tensile strength, thus making it stronger.
  • The more you pre-stretch the film, the lower the film memory – this means it will keep its new stretched shape for longer, staying secure around loads rather than going slack.
  • It is much more cost-effective, as you use less film to cover the same number of loads.
  • Pre-stretching is more controllable and provides more uniform results.

Want More Features at a Lower Pallet Machine Price?

If you need a lot of features on your machine, but are worried about excessive pallet wrapping machine cost, there are a few other options to choose from. These include:

  • Buying a used pallet wrapping machine. At ITT Jetpak, we keep pallet machine prices low by offering used models. Unlike other providers, we offer quality tested machines with ongoing after-sale support and advice.
  • Temporarily leasing a pallet wrapping machine to ‘try before you buy’. We offer another cost-effective option by providing machine hire so you can experience a machine’s performance and see for yourself if it is right for your business.
  • Financing for a more affordable pallet machine cost. In the past we have successfully referred customers to reliable and trustworthy financing companies, with a proven track record in financing pallet machine cost.


A new phenomenon in reducing initial layout to meet pallet machine prices is the concept of ‘cost per wrap’, ‘cost per pallet’ or ‘pay as you wrap’ services. Companies providing these rental type schemes may promise to save you money on pallet wrapping cost by getting rid of the high initial machinery expenditure. While these options may prove more cost-effective than hand-wrapping, they may still be losing you money, compared to the long-term return on leasing or buying your own machine from a reputable supplier.

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