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Get the EXP-108 pre-stretch pallet wrapper for only $9,990
The EXP-108 power pre-stretch pallet wrapper will enable you to improve efficiency and reduce your materials costs. Pallet wrapping machines are typically 50% faster than wrapping pallets by hand. Depending on the scale of your production, this has the potential to save you dozens of work hours per year. The pre-stretch feature will also allow you to save on the cost of pallet wrapping film. Wrapping a pallet by hand will usually yield a 50% stretch while the EXP-108 stretches wrapping film up to 300%. You will also have to change wrapping film roll less often since machine rolls are much longer. The EXP-108 is available for $9,990, plus GST and freight, while stocks last. Call ITT Jetpak on for more information.
  • 300% power pre-stretch
  • Fully automatic and pre-programmable wrapping cycles
  • Adjustable wrapping tension, turntable speed, and carriage speed
  • Adjustable top and bottom wrap counts
  • Reinforce setting for awkward loads
  • One way idle roller to keep film outside the carriage if it is broken
  • Easy film threading device
  • Height seeking by photo sensor
  • Turntable always stops at the home position
  • 180° rotating control box
  • Soft start and stop
  • Automatic film cut at end of cycle
  • Automatic film pin puncture
  • Maintenance-free metal embossing pre-stretch roller
  • One touch automatic program and manual settings
  • Easy on-screen troubleshooting
  • Turntable diameter: 1500mm
  • Max. wrapping height: 2000mm (80″)
  • Max. turntable speed: 12 rpm
  • Max. loading weight: 1650kg
  • Film roll width: 500mm (20″)
  • Film roll outer diameter: 250mm (10″)
  • Film core inner diameter: 76mm (3″)
  • Power supply: 240V Single phase 10A
  • Power Consumption: 1.2kw
  • Turntable motor: 1/2 HP 220V AC – 3 phase
  • Carriage motor: 1/2 HP 220V AC – 3 phase
  • Power pre-stretch: 1/2 HP 220V AC – 3 phase

There is a range of optional extras for the EXP-108 that allow it to suit the needs of just about any business. Options include:

Larger turntable diameters – The turntable is also available in both 1650mm and 1800mm diameters, these have maximum load weights of 1650kg and 2000kg respectively.

DC motor for top pressure plate – Provides consistent, high starting torque.

Higher maximum wrapping height – Wrapping height can be extended to 2500mm or 3000mm.

Ramp attachment – Allows for easy loading and unloading of pallets. Horseshoe turntable – Available with a 1650mm diameter and 2000kg max load weight. The EXP-108 is an easy to use pallet wrapping machine with a highly customisable setting and options. It can provide you with an automated solution for your business that will improve efficiency and reduce your materials costs.

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