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The use of a pallet wrapping machine ensures the efficient use of materials and a high-level of goods protection.

Our range of ‘JetStretch’ MT and XT machine rolls are designed for brake type pallet wrapping machines. These films can reduce material use by up to 30% when compared to standard stretch films.

Our ‘High Performance’ range of machine pallet wrap can be used on semi or auto powered pre-stretch machines. These films are designed to stretch up to 300%, reaching maximum efficiency and load stability while minimising material use and cost.

Compared to standard machine films, our machine pallet wrap offers your business:

  • Lowest cost per pallet. Reduce film consumption by up to 30%.
  • Excellent load stability. Stretch levels of up to 300% ensures goods are highly secure.
  • Superior resistance to punctures. High stretch levels ensure enhanced puncture resistance.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Efficient pallet wrap ensures minimal film consumption.
  • User-friendly. Easy to use and and OH&S compliant.
  • Range of colours. Available in clear, black, spiral, coloured or printed designs.